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Current available positions

At North Cariboo Air we're always looking for great people. If you're looking for something not listed below, you can still tell us about yourself! Please send your cover letter and resume to us at careers@flynca.com or click the 'apply now' button.

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Maintenance Controller - Full Time

The Maintenance Controller is responsible for supporting the North Cariboo maintenance control system in areas of defect control, maintenance planning and technical dispatch. This position assists the Base Engineer in support and research duties to ensure fleet reliability.

Calgary Base (Night Shift)


Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (M1/M2) - Full Time 

The Aircraft Maintenance Engineer will contribute to the success of our company’s vision by ensuring responsible, safe decision making regarding the airplane maintenance of all aircraft in the organization.

Calgary Base (Night Shift)

Fort St. John Base (2 in, 2 out Rotation- Fly In/Out)

Vancouver Base (Part Time)



The Pilot will contribute to our company’s vision by working as a team, with other Flight Crew, in the safe operation of the aircraft. 

Calgary & Edmonton Base - KA200 Captain

Calgary & Edmonton Base-  BE1900 Captain


Ramp Attendant 

The Ramp Attendant will contribute to the success of our company’s vision by ensuring responsible decision making regarding the safety and security of the ramp at all times. 

Calgary Base (pooling)

Edmonton Base (pooling)


Passenger Screening Agents - Part Time

The Passenger Screening Agent will contribute to the success of our company’s vision by protecting the passengers and flight crew by preventing any deadly or dangerous objects from being transported onto an aircraft. 

Calgary Base (pooling)

Edmonton Base (pooling)